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Xpel Yorkshire Nick Marsh PPF

Nick Marsh – Paint Protection Film Install

WrapGuard was founded by industry recognised Nick Marsh who is the owner & founder of the detailing company, CleanDetail. Paint Protection Film (ppf) was originally delivered under our CleanDetail brand for the last number of years.

Wrapguard has the reputation to deliver better than industry standard, as we believe in striving for perfection from first contact to hand over of the vehicle.

WrapGuard have the ability to offer fully mobile services where we can supply our plotter, film & staff on site for private customers wanting dealership application to detailers looking to partner with a PPF specialist for their customers. We also offer labour only services for company’s who require experienced hands on help, holiday cover or site consultation.

About Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film also known as PPF, is a thin crystal clear plastic film which can be applied to all areas of your vehicle, be it gloss or matt finish, to ensure no stone chips, scratch’s and swirl marks are impregnated into your vehicles paint surface.

What Does Paint Protection Film Protect Against?

Paint Protection Film significantly reduces if not completely protects against the day to day defects you would normally associate with owning a vehicle. What you should expect is no more swirl marks, as we use self healing top coat technology which, when heat is applied, self heals from washing defects & environmental damage.

Additionally, paint protection film can reduce and in most cases save your vehicle from vandalism, car park scuffs and keying attempts.

What Does Paint Protection Film Look Like?

WrapGuard uses Xpel films with their self healing technology. For this reason you literally can remove swirl marks with hot water. We expect all installs to be as invisible as possible in order to appear to not have ppf fitted. We do use computer templates so there is no need to strip any parts off your vehicle and thus ensuring your vehicle warrantys are all still valid, unlike traditional wrapping.

With its very low surface energy XPEL Ultimate sheds contaminates that would otherwise mark, stain or yellow more conventional films found on the market. Whats more, the clear coat employs futuristic characteristics that “heal” over a short space of time ensuring swirl marks and other fine scratches are a thing of the past.

WrapGuard staff are all fully trained and insured to work on & drive any vehicle should there be a need to. We are Xpel Uk Factoy trained and approved which means you can rest assured your vehicle and or customers are in safe hands.

Need to know more?

If you feel you need some specialist advice, or have a question you feel we’ve not quite answered, then please get in touch with our passionate team!