Paint Protection Film Detailer & Dealer Partnerships

Wrapguard now offer paint protection film directly to detailers whob wish to offer Paint Protection Film to their customers. We offer various different types of services designed to help detailers at all different levels.

We work specifically with detailers who share the same passion and enthusiasm for bringing the industry standards up, as we’re at the forefront of showing paint film can be as perfect as detailing.

What Options do you offer?

Wrapguard offer several solutions which work hand in hand with other company’s:

  • Full Supply & Fit Services
  • Labour Only Services (Multiple staff rates available)
  • Mobile Paint Protection Film Production
  • Mobile Plotter Services
  • Holiday Cover
  • Consultation Services.

Whether you are looking for a full supply and fit service at your studio, or commission for services carried out at out fitment centre in Yorkshire. With our fully equipped production centre which can cut full vehicle templates anywhere in the uk, we can offer labour only services for company’s who already have their own film & plotter or we can fit pre-cut kits from any film manufacturer as required.

Want in make money on PPF?

Get in touch to learn more and get bespoke prices for your company. We offer bespoke all inclusive pricing based on your location and expected volume. This means you can sell PPF & make a percentage for making a phone call, or we can increase your productivity levels with our highly skilled and efficient team.

What Do I Need?

For us to be able to work with you, firstly we need a clean & dust free environment to be able to carry out the level of service we are used to delivering this. This means unfortunately we can’t be installing outside or in environments not fit for PPF.

Finally we need company’s who are actively striving to offer a level of service most other company’s strive to delver but do not yet achieve. We aim to increase the level of standard across the industry because we believe it is yet to meet its full potential.

Find Out More

Get in touch with our team to discuss the options, pricing and commission on our services.